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3 Recovery Apps You’ll Want to Check Out

Recovery is a 24/7 process. In the midst of it, you need resources that are available anytime – day or night. That’s the idea behind the following recovery apps. Support is readily available through these easily accessible digital applications.

  • AngleStrong. The goal of this app is to provide Uber-like services. If you’re in trouble all you have to do is call and someone will show up to help.This app is being developed by wrestling legend Kurt Angle. Three years sober this month, Angle speaks publicly about his struggles and is fighting to change the stigma of addiction in our society. He wants to do more and this app is just one product of his efforts.

    Angle is currently seeking a team to develop this app. You can follow his progress and check for its availability by searching #AngleStrong on Twitter.

  • SoberTool. Setting and reaching goals in recovery is vital, as is having a strong support network. SoberTool provides assistance with both.This app counts your clean and sober days and calculates the money you saved. It provides daily motivational messages as well as reminders to read them. You can also type in a word to describe your current state of mind and the app leads you to ways to deal with those feelings.

    The app also provides a support-meeting finder and a sober-community forum. These helpful tools allow you to share personal messages, comments and find support groups.

  • Addicaid. Staying organized in recovery is often a challenge. This is a handy little app that can help you with that problem.Addicaid provides a record of your treatment, helps find meetings, get directions and set calendar reminders for meetings and appointments. The app also lets you check-in to prove you’ve been attending meetings and asks you to rate them after attending.

    Addicaid offers personal applications including journal entries, daily check-ins and custom goal-setting with audio/text response. Additional organizational tools include a spending calculator and eating regimen to reduce cravings and track your diet. It also provides hotline resources, treatment information and relapse prevention tips. For additional inspiration, Addicaid offers news, videos and music feed.

More Recovery Apps

These are just a few of the dozens of recovery apps available on the market. With each year, more and more digital options become available. While there aren’t any official Alcoholics Anonymous apps, there is an unofficial AA Big Book app. Those familiar with the 12-Steps may appreciate having a mobile version of the books on their smartphones or portable devices.


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