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Step 10 of Alcoholics Anonymous: Take Inventory and Admit Mistakes

What Is Step 10 of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)?

“Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.”1

What Is the Purpose of AA Step 10?

Step 10 of Alcoholics Anonymous encourages you to examine yourself as a part of your daily routine.1 Just as you addressed your past defects, it’s important to remain aware of how those defects may continue to show up in your life and relationships even after getting sober.

How Do You Complete Step 10 of AA?

Making self-examination a daily practice can help you complete and continue the ideas behind step 10.

Admitting your wrongs is an ongoing practice that may help you remain humble and open to the recovery process.

Taking time to journal, meditate, or some other daily practice that resonates with you may help you keep an inventory and be aware of your wrongs.

What Is a Common Myth About Step 10?

One common myth about Step 10 of Alcoholics Anonymous might be:

  • You constantly need to apologize to everyone.

Some people get hung up on step 10 of AA because it involves admitting when you’ve done something wrong. But it isn’t so much about apologizing to others as it is being aware of actions that harm yourself and others. It is a very personal process of constant internal reflection.

What Are Some Tips for Completing Step 10?

  • Avoid making quick-tempered decisions; take time to step back and breathe.
  • Assess your actions honestly.
  • Admit when you’re wrong.
  • Forgive others when they’re wrong.
  • Focus on progress, not perfection.

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