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Find the Best Residential Soma Recovery Center

Soma is a brand name for the drug carisoprodol. Primarily used as a muscle relaxer, this substance can be habit-forming and has the potential for abuse. If use of the drug is stopped abruptly it can result in withdrawal symptoms.1 A recovery center can help you stop your use of the drug without triggering an uncomfortable period of withdrawal.

Soma Addiction and Withdrawal

An average of 22.5 million Americans over the age of 12 have used illicit drugs. 2 Soma is considered an illicit drug when used recreationally, and the carisoprodol in Soma is classified as a Schedule IV due to the possibility for abuse. Prolonged use of Soma at high dosage levels can lead to tolerance to and dependence on the medication. Withdrawal from Soma typically occurs 12-48 hours after the last dose taken.

Withdrawal from Soma can result in a number of uncomfortable symptoms. These symptoms may include:

  • Insomnia
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach cramps
  • Tremors
  • Anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Psychosis

Because withdrawal can be difficult to tolerate, many of those addicted to Soma decide to continue taking the medication rather than going through the withdrawal process. However, many Soma treatment programs can help ensure that you go through the process of detoxification, without experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms.

Residential Detoxification

Detoxification is an important part of the recovery process for a person addicted to Soma. The best residential rehabilitation centers include detox facilities where an individual will receive 24-hour medical supervision. You can locate detox centers by calling .

Detox from Soma involves a drug tapering process. Because a person’s body may be dependent on the drug’s presence, suddenly stopping use can lead to uncomfortable side effects. During the tapering process, Soma is provided to the person in smaller doses over a period of time. This allows the patient’s body to become accustomed to smaller amounts of Soma. Once the dosage level is small enough that stopping intake will no longer start the withdrawal process, drug intake is ended and the individual can continue into therapy drug-free.

Behavioral Therapy

“Behavioral therapy is designed to help the addicted individual discover the roots of their drug abuse.” While detoxification is important when recovering from addiction, the best Soma recovery centers realize that therapy is the most important part of the recovery process. During therapy, individuals develop skills that will aid them in avoiding a relapse. The addicted invidiual may undergo behavioral therapy designed to discover the roots of their drug abuse so they can deal with whatever triggered it in the first place. This therapy also helps the person avoid future drug use by finding alternative methods of dealing with the triggers instead of turning to Soma or another addictive substance.

You can locate rehab and recovery centers that offer a therapeutic approach to drug abuse avoidance by calling.

Recovery Center Location

support groupWhile the location of a Soma recovery center may seem to be of lesser importance than the presence of detoxification facilities and therapy availability, it should still be a factor in your search for the best addiction recovery program available. Addiction treatment programs are available throughout the country, and you may need to weigh the pros and cons of choosing a location that is local versus one that is further away from your home.

Local centers allow you to approach recovery with the support of family and friends. This method of recovery helps you build a strong support group that will continue to help you remain drug-free long after you’ve left the treatment center.

Remaining local can serve as a distraction to recovery though, as it may be more difficult to avoid continuing involvement in matters outside of recovery. The same family and friends who serve as your support group may also have acted as enablers during your addiction, which can cause you to drop back into the same behaviors that led to the addiction originally. These are factors to consider when choosing a recovery location.

Finding the Right Care

According to the NIH, the abuse of drugs costs the US over $400 billion annually due to factors like crime and health care costs. 3 The personal cost of drug abuse can be devastating as well — sometimes resulting in poor health and damaged relationships.

Finding the best Soma recovery center can be difficult, but if you concentrate your search on the program offerings as well as their locations, you can find a center that has precisely what you need for a successful recovery from your addiction. Call us at for guidance in finding the best treatment option for your situation.

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