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Find Help for a Debilitating Panic Disorder

“Even if friends and family have always been supportive, being surrounded by others who have been through the same thing is a key part of recovery.”Having panic disorder is a stressful experience, and the disorder is not often understood by family and friends. At a luxury panic disorder center, you will get to know many others who have also spent years struggling with this disorder. Even if friends and family have always been supportive, being surrounded by others who have been through the same thing is a key part of recovery.

Group therapy and support are the only reasons you should consider seeking treatment at an upscale panic disorder facility. Centers for patients who suffer from panic disorders have on-site staff with extensive knowledge about what causes panic disorder and how to best treat it, ensuring that you receive around-the-clock support.

This guide will cover some of the major reasons to choose an upscale panic disorder facility. If you have any other questions after reading this guide, call for more information on upscale panic disorder treatment facilities.

What Is Panic Disorder?

panic attackFirst, it’s important to understand what panic disorder is if you are, or a loved one is, researching treatment options. Anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, affect 40 million adults in the United States alone.

Patients who suffer from panic disorder frequently experience the sudden onset of fear and panic. These panic attacks are often unexplained and usually appear to come out of nowhere. These panic attacks cause extreme stress and anxiety. While most attacks only last a few minutes, others last much longer. Regardless of the length of the panic attack, each one is very hard on the patient. In some cases, these panic attacks result in physical reactions and other symptoms, including:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Increased heart rate
  • Limb weakness
  • Hot or cold flashes
  • Numb hands
  • Breathing problems
  • Chest pain
  • Stomach pain

Panic attacks are generally characterized by a fear of losing control of your circumstances or a fear of impending doom even when you are not in real danger. Even when no physical symptoms are present, the terror alone is enough to cause many patients to leave social events, stores and other locations in an attempt to calm down. Unfortunately, many patients who suffer from panic disorder are misunderstood by people who erroneously believe they are seeking attention or exaggerating. It’s important to understand that having panic disorder is not the patient’s fault and not something that can be solved simply by trying to calm down.

How Do High-End Treatment Centers for Panic Disorders Care for Patients?

luxury rehabEach treatment center is different, so it’s important to research which one will be the best fit. Some treatment centers are almost purely holistic and focus on relaxation techniques, group therapy and individual counseling to help you treat your brain to better cope with the panic attacks. Other treatment centers are more traditional and try different medications until they find one that has the greatest positive effect on the patient with minimal negative side effects. Some use a blend of holistic methods and modern medicine to treat patients.

Regardless of its methods, a center should provide extensive reinforcement and coaching to each patient in an effort to improve emotional regulation skills and stress tolerance. Most treatment centers work hard to help their patients achieve mental balance by providing a comfortable, safe environment free of the triggers experienced in regular daily life. Most treatment centers also focus on common co-existing conditions such as addiction, eating disorders and depression. Nearly half of people who suffer from depression also suffer from some form of anxiety disorder.

Some upscale panic disorder facilities even cater to a single gender. These facilities provide the best environments possible for patients who would prefer to be around people of their own gender while receiving treatment.

Why Choose an Upscale Panic Disorder Center Over a Regular Center?

All panic disorder treatment facilities have on-site staff members who are ready to help patients cope with their anxiety, but high-end treatment centers for panic disorders offer even more amenities. Some of these centers have everything from in-house gyms and pools to extravagant spas where patients can relax and enjoy the soothing atmosphere. Having a relaxed state of mind is important for the treatment process which involves teaching coping methods that make panic attacks more manageable and less debilitating.

A high-end treatment facility for panic disorders feels more like a resort than a medical center, which does wonders for patient morale. Many people who suffer from panic disorder also experience triggers when they visit a doctor, but luxurious rehab facilities are built to look and feel like a vacation resort to make patients as comfortable as possible.

At the end of the day, while regular facilities are certainly helpful, choosing a luxury panic disorder facility may be an even better way to take control of your mental health. Call today to begin the journey to recovery.