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Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is a serious problem that can develop in association with repeated use of cocaine, a powerful reinforcing stimulant. If cocaine addiction is negatively impacting you or a loved one, treatment is available. Learn more about cocaine addiction below, including the signs of cocaine addiction and how to get treatment.
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What Is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant. Illicit cocaine is commonly found as a powdered white substance that is made from the leaves of the coca plant. It can also be processed into a freebase, rock-like substance, known as crack cocaine.2

People use cocaine to increase energy and experience euphoria. Though much of the drug is illicitly manufactured, cocaine remains classified as a Schedule II substance under the Controlled Substances Act. This means it has a currently accepted medical use, but also has a high potential for abuse.3

What Are the Health Effects of Cocaine?

Cocaine has several adverse short- and long-term effects, some of which can even be deadly.8 Cocaine toxicity can result in overdose, land people in the emergency room, and have other potentially devastating consequences. Awareness of these effects may help highlight an individual’s need for cocaine treatment.

Why Is Cocaine Addictive?

Cocaine impacts the brain’s reward pathway which can reinforce a person’s desire to keep using in order to obtain cocaine’s pleasurable effects. Specifically, cocaine interferes with the synaptic transmission that occurs between two brain cells. Normally, dopamine is released by one neuron (brain cell) into the synapse (the space between brain cells) and attaches to and activates receptors on a neighboring cell. Then, another bit of cellular machinery known as a transporter removes dopamine from the synapse to maintain a healthy balance. Cocaine interferes with this process, which leaves too much active dopamine within the synapse, leading to reinforcing euphoria.5

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

While there are no currently approved medications to treat stimulant use disorder, cocaine addiction treatment typically involves behavioral therapies to help address the issues that led to the addiction, help you develop coping skills, and avoid relapse.14

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