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Addiction and Recovery Guides for Specific Groups

Article Summary

Different people may experience addiction somewhat differently due to factors such as their occupation, culture, age, and other variables. To find the most effective treatment, it helps to understand these factors and what types of needs people have for recovery based on their background.

Addiction Affects Everyone

Addiction can happen to anyone regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

Many signs of addiction may look similar across groups. But other aspects of addiction can differ depending on the specific population that’s affected, such as:

  • Causes of addiction.
  • Effects of drug use.
  • Types of drugs used.
  • Barriers to treatment.
  • Forms of treatment that are most effective.

Some groups, for example, may live in areas where treatment is not available. Others may need a program where employees speak a language other than English. Still others may have specific cultural-, age-, or gender-based issues surrounding their addiction that need to be dealt with in rehab.

Drug and Alcohol Use in Different Communities

The guides below offer more detailed information about addiction and recovery in various segments of the population.