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Marysville, MI Alcohol and Drug Inpatient Rehabs Centers Near Me

If you’re investing in your health, your future and your family’s happiness, you should make sure you’re making the best decision for your Marysville alcohol and drug abuse treatment program. While the smartest choice may still be to dial our hotline experts so they can discuss your specific needs, checking out the reviews and ratings for some of the addiction rehab clinics in or around your area is another excellent place to get started.

Addiction treatment centers near Marysville, MI

Recovery Institute of Ohio
Recovery Institute of Ohio
1019 Pierce Street Sandusky, OH 44870
- 102 Miles Away
Services Offered
Detox Services
Sober Living Home
Dual-Diagnosis Treatment
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Magellan Health Services
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Treatment Philosophy
At Recovery Institute of Ohio, we offer personalized care and individualized treatment plans to support long-term health and well-being. We provide each client a safe space and comprehensive treatment for addiction and mental health. It is the mission of Recovery Institute of Ohio to provide a safe, therapeutic environment for our clients and their families, with an emphasis on utilizing the Twelve-Step program. Our goal is to ensure our clients have the highest quality of substance abuse treatment services while providing a warm, safe and supportive environment.
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Find more addiction treatment centers near Marysville, MI

Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center
400 Stoddard Road Richmond, MI 48062
- 13 Miles Away
Clearview Women's Treatment Center
1406 8th Street Port Huron, MI 48060
- 5 Miles Away
Port Huron Odyssey House, Inc.
718 Griswold Street Port Huron, MI 48060
- 5 Miles Away
Professional Counseling Center
520 Superior Street Port Huron, MI 48060
- 5 Miles Away
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Latest Reviews

Latest Reviews of Rehabs in Michigan

The Elizabeth Upjohn Community Healing Center

Overall, a good program

- Anonymous
5 out of 5
Kalamazoo, MI

A Forever Recovery

I first began using drugs as a way to cope when my parents divorced when I was 15 years old, it first began while I was in school hanging out with the wrong crowd and I began to experiment with weed. It was just something for me to do that at the time helped me relax and not deal with the fact that when I went home my parents were not together anymore. After about a month or so of smoking the desire began to fade away and I began to start researching other drugs and going to parties and drinking, When I began drinking I would become this other person who would forget about my problems at home and I would just be around my friends and they seemed to always be there so I did not feel like I was in fear of them leaving too. Before I knew it I was turning 16 and I was smoking and drinking at least every couple of days. I gave up on school, sports and my family as I felt that they kind of gave up on me as well. With that being said hanging out with my friends constantly in doing so we all were doing the same things on a daily basis and soon we began to take it up a notch and meet new people and while doing so that opened up a whole new world to us. Who knew that we could buy pills off the street or by drugs on the corner from someone who knew someone. After a while I looked around and realized that I was now 18 yrs old, that\'s right 18!! I failed to complete high school and graduate, I gave on sports and football, and I had not made any contact with my parents in about 8 months. They had no idea what I was doing where I was or what I had gotten myself into. I began using heroin and my family had not idea I was able to keep it a complete secret from everyone that I had fallen off the deep end so bad. I remember getting a voice mail from the hospital one day saying that my mother had been taken by ambulance because she was having heart trouble and she asked them to inform me. About 5 minutes before that phone call I had just got done shooting heroin in my arm and I told myself there is no way that I could go to the hospital and have my mother see how bad I had gotten and how bad I looked. That was my wake up call, I could have lost my mother that night and because I was so high on drugs I was not able to show my face in a hospital or be there by her side. I could have never seen her again. After a few days my mother was released from the hospital and I called her to see how she was doing, Being a typical mother she said she was fine and not to worry but that she was worried about me, she said \"the son I raised would have been by my side, so I know that something is not right with you because I know that you wanted to be there with me and something kept you from coming\". I will never forget that, I asked my mother to meet me and she agreed. Once she saw me she could not even speak, she just embraced me in her arms gave me a hug and would not let go. She said what have you don to yourself and why have you not called out for help. I had track marks all up and down my arms I looked as though I only weighed about 90 pounds and my hygiene was awful, My mother already knew that I was having a problem with drugs and because she is my mother she already had some place set up for me to go to. I said how did you know? She said baby you are my son, I gave birth to you and a mother knows when something is just not right with their child. I just cried and told her that I was ready to go. She sent me the the A Forever Recovery program and from the moment I got there and walked in the doors I felt like I was in the right place. Everyone was very welcoming and they all seemed to have a really good grasp on what each person needed as not everyone is going through the same issues. I was able to do one on one counseling witch for mo was great because I was very reserved and I did not like talking in the first place and I had always felt judged. It was hard enough to open up to one person let alone a whole room full of people. Slowly I began to see the reason for my addiction and I was able to see a pattern with my behavior and why I was acting out. I was at the program for roughly over a month and I remember seeing my mother out in the seats at my graduation and all I could do was smile and cry. My mother gave me hope that day and the A Forever Recovery program save my life. I will never be that person again, I will never let a drug or pill or drink dictate my life and take me away from the person that gave me life. This program is without a doubt a life changing experience and I am forever great full to all of the staff that was involved with my recovery process. I encourage anyone that is having a problem with drugs or any other substance to reach out to someone and get the appropriate help needed so that you can be the best version of you that you can and that you deserve. Life is short and there is no need to waste it on something that just takes all of your feelings away and your meaning for life.

- blake
4.7 out of 5
Battle Creek, MI

Awakenings Rehabilitation

This facility really caters to each individuals personal needs. The staff is so welcoming and caring which makes the recovery process more bearable. I highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for assistance in their road of recovery.

- GJ
5 out of 5
Albion, MI
How to Choose the Best Addiction Rehab Marysville, MI Offers
If you've decided on what amenities you'll want, you should be able to find Marysville residential rehab programs that fit nearly any requirement. From professional treatment for businesspeople to luxury recovery programs for celebrities, your city offers many choices, both cost-conscious and top tier.
How Long Does Recovering from Drug and Alcohol Addiction Take?
Depending on the kind of addiction and severity, you or someone you love may be looking at anything from a 28-day residential alcohol or drug recovery clinic all the way up to a longer-term one. Some drug types can be treated with outpatient programs while severe cases may necessitate long-term recovery center care. Still, you can find a Marysville treatment center to fit just about any personal need.
How Much Does a Rehab Treatment Center Cost and Is Insurance Accepted?
In estimating the price of recovery services in Marysville, MI, you first have to decide on the amenities the facility provides and its locale relative to your own requirements. There's quite a wide range in cost for rehabilitation facilities. Many can take private insurance, so either check with your provider to see if partial payment is available through your PPO or HMO, or contact our no-charge helpline for a discreet insurance check.
Ready to Get Help and Change Your Life for Good?
Whether you need help getting free of a drug or alcohol addiction or live with a special someone who does, our phone line is ready to take your call, around the clock, and is answered by friendly advisors, there to discuss the best inpatient alcohol, prescription and illicit drug addiction treatment facilities Marysville, Michigan offers. You can review the specifics of thirty day treatment facilities vs 45, 60 or 90-day ones and make sure the treatment center you pick is going to give you or your loved one all you need to acheive sobriety.