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On this page, you will learn about Human health insurance coverage for substance abuse treatment and how to confirm what benefits are available under your specific plan.
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Provider Overview

There are many different factors to consider when thinking about seeking treatment for substance abuse. One of the main considerations is the cost of addiction treatment and whether your insurance will cover drug and alcohol rehab services. If you have Humana Health insurance, this page may help you understand your Humana substance abuse treatment insurance so you or a loved one can get the help you need.

Coverage Plans

Humana Substance Abuse Coverage Levels and Plans

A variety of coverage options are available with Humana insurance. If you purchase Humana coverage from the Health Insurance Marketplace through the Affordable Care Act (ACA),1 you’ll find plans that are categorized under Gold, Silver, and Bronze. In general, Gold will have the highest level of coverage and lowest deductibles, but a higher monthly premium. Bronze will have a lower monthly cost but higher deductibles and may offer less coverage.

The best way to understand your Humana drug rehab coverage is to call Humana directly, review your insurance plan paperwork, or visit the Humana website.


Humana also offers Medicare Advantage plans. These plans work with your Medicare coverage and give you additional benefits, such as vision, dental, and even gym membership. You can get a (HMO Health Maintenance Organization) plan, a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plan, or a Private Fee For Service plan. Each option has different prices as well as in-network and out-of-network providers.


In Florida, Illinois, and Kentucky, Humana also offers Medicaid plans. These plans offer lower and sometimes no deductible, along with a large network with member perks and services. The specific rehabs covered by Humana under the Medicaid plan will depend on your state and individual selections.

Humana Health Insurance Coverage for Inpatient Treatment

Various forms of treatment for drug and alcohol addiction recovery are defined by the ACA as an essential service, possibly including inpatient rehab. However, not all programs or inpatient plans will be covered by Humana Health plans and there may be deductibles or copayments that apply.

You’ll want to check with the program you’re looking into to find out if Human drug rehab coverage is available before you enroll. Also, be sure to contact the insurer to find out how much of the cost you may be responsible for. You may choose a 28- or 30-day program or a more long-term 60-day or 90-day inpatient program.

Covered Treatment Options

Does My Humana Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Humana plans should have some type of coverage for alcohol and drug addiction treatment. This may include using the Humana prescription drug plan to get medication to help you safely withdrawal, access to inpatient and outpatient programs, Humana Health therapy coverage, and more.

There are a variety of Humana Health Plans, so be sure to call the insurer or verify your insurance before you enroll in a treatment program. If your deductible or copayment is too much for you, ask the program if financing options are available.

Does My Humana Insurance Cover Outpatient Treatment?

Outpatient treatment allows you to live at home while you attend meetings, counseling, and other therapeutic interventions. The key to having outpatient treatment covered by your Humana substance abuse treatment insurance is finding an approved program.

Insurance companies approve programs that they have reviewed and determined to be effective. You may struggle to have alternative treatments covered, for instance, but common treatment programs are more likely to be approved.

Some outpatient programs need pre-authorization before you enroll, so be sure to call Humana insurance before you begin.

Checking Coverage

How to Check My Humana Substance Abuse Treatment Insurance

Learning about your specific coverage limits, deductibles, and copayments is an essential part of determining what addiction treatment coverage you have. Your healthcare benefits will vary depending on your specific plan and sometimes the state you live in.

You’ll want to contact Humana directly or log in to MyHumana online. This will allow you to find out what plan you have and how your healthcare coverage can be applied to addiction treatment.

You can also call the treatment center and ask if they accept Humana’s healthcare benefits.

Additional Resources

Insurance Providers with Addiction Coverage

Additional Resources on Drug and Alcohol Treatment

American Addiction Centers (AAC) works hard to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on each carriers’ insurance coverage for addiction treatment. However, policy changes and errors do occur. Please check with your insurance carrier directly to confirm specific coverage levels. AAC is not endorsed by Humana or any of its licensees.

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