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Alternative Therapies: Talking With an Experienced Intuitive About the Energetics of Addiction and Healing

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to have an easier time in recovery than others? Or why some may regain optimal health, while others struggle physically for years? Obviously there are many variables to consider such as length of time using, the drug abused, daily choices, and the resources available for healing. And although it’s true that these variables cannot be denied, there is still room to explore how to create more success through supplemental support in recovery.

But before we get too far into these newer approaches to transformation, let’s take a moment to break down the addiction process. After all, we must know what we are working with in order to successfully move past it. It goes without saying that addiction is a physiological problem. While active, the body craves the drug or behavior of choice at such an intensity that saying “no” is just not an option. It is as if something has completely taken over your reasoning faculties and logical thinking escapes you. Plain and simple, you are in the throes of a cunning and baffling addiction.

Life cannot go on like this forever and hopefully the recovery process begins. And although there is no one right way to do this process, the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical healing must occur. With all the information already out there regarding traditional models, I wanted to shed light on some alternative approaches to healing. It is my hope that this information will be valuable and helpful as a way to dive deeper into your recovery and beyond.

Let’s Talk About Alternative Healing

I set out to speak with a naturopathic doctor and an intuitive energy healer to get their take on how people can best support themselves during their recovery. Sarah Renee, an intuitive, offers readings to people who are looking to get clarity and help from the spiritual realm as they navigate the hardships of their lives. She is able to access higher levels of consciousness and bring this information to those who are suffering. What inspired me to connect with Sarah is that she has struggled with addiction herself. She knows what it takes to create a long-lasting recovery, and has been able to completely transform her life and live out her divine purpose.

Dr. Amy Chadwick is a very successful naturopathic doctor who specializes in endobiogenic medicine. Endobiogenic medicine considers the endocrine system to be the manager of all physiology, and looks closely at the nervous system’s function and its governance over the body’s regulatory processes. I sought out Dr. Amy’s expertise because she understands how the stress of addiction creates a negative domino effect in the body, and how this in turn limits people’s ability to fully regain their physical health post addiction. She has helped many, me included, in restoring the body’s innate healing capacity. To me, this is critical for success in recovery because if there is stagnation or blocks in the physical body, one’s mood is affected and accessing true happiness becomes hindered. We need to reconnect to happiness to thrive in life and in recovery.

Energy, Addiction, Healing

Today let’s focus on the energetics of addiction and healing. In speaking with Sarah Renee, I inquired about what she sees in people’s energy field while they are struggling with addiction or in recovery. Sarah pointed out that there are many factors at play, such as unresolved trauma and stuck dark, heavy energy in people’s fields.

What really caught my ear in our conversation, however, is the way Sarah sees people can find a way out. She believes that it is in recovering the self that we are set free. In tangible terms, this means that we find a connection to something bigger than our own limited thoughts, feelings, and ideas. This connection serves as the healing source for all lower level experiences.

In tangible terms, this means that we find a connection to something bigger than our own limited thoughts, feelings, and ideas. This connection serves as the healing source for all lower level experiences.-Lesley Wirth

Sarah says, “What Spirit shows me is that our ability to connect spiritually can actually be blocked by trapped energy, whether it’s old trauma, anger, resentment, or fear. When I work with people, I have to help them clear that energy out in order to allow a full spiritual connection to unfold. Once someone feels their connection to God, the Universe, Angels, whatever you want to call it, there is no going back. It changes you. And I personally believe on an ongoing energetic level, that is what helps so many people recover.”

Sarah also shared that she understands that this transition is not an easy one. It can feel like something unreachable at first. She shared that when someone is active in their addiction, they get so stuck in their own stuff, it’s hard for them to see the way out or to see the bigger picture. But as we all know, this can change. She goes on to say, “When I see someone in recovery, and they are actively working to better themselves and heal, their vibration is usually much higher. I will usually feel a gratitude from them, and a more balanced energy about them. If they are truly doing their work to release old stuff, their fields will be pretty clear and connected. Usually I will see Angels clear as day around them. In meetings, I often see Angels and loved ones standing by the speaker. You can tell when someone is actively praying and asking for help. Spirit is listening and their spiritual team is listening!”

Sarah Renee also talks about the process of creating a new sense of empowerment for people in recovery, and what can happen when someone doesn’t fully transform their deepest self. “I have learned that when true healing does not take place, the addiction energy just manifests in other ways. It’s an energy, not a specific substance or behavior. On the flip side, when you do the healing work to shift that energy, healing happens on so many different levels, your entire life can transform because you are literally showing up as a different person. For example, imagine that energy is like a cloth, covering up the real you. So even if you are high-functioning, you may not be able to feel true happiness or succeed in certain ways. When that addiction energy is cleared however, your entire self changes. You are not walking around with this dreadful cloth hanging over you anymore.”

Resonating at the Soul Level

As you can tell, Sarah knows what it takes to help someone move from simply putting down a substance, to truly eradicating the energy of what caused the addiction in the first place. I believe there are many healers and guides out there with this expertise, and also feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with someone who has been through it herself. Sarah is a true testament to what is possible for someone when they dedicate themselves fully to creating a life that resonates at the soul level. If you want to learn more about Sarah Renee, you can visit her website here:

In my next article, we will explore what Dr. Amy Chadwick has to say about how to support your physical body in healing and coming back to optimal health post addiction. Her expertise will surely blow your mind! Until then, I wish you all the most profoundly deep transformative few weeks possible.



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