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An Introduction to Masculine and Feminine Energy in Recovery

Today in the world of consciousness and healing, a frequent topic is that of masculine and feminine energy.

While it is true that men frequently possess more masculine energy than feminine, and women have more feminine energy than masculine, we all house both. This is because we need both in order to function, as they each have specific roles to play.

Masculine Energy, Feminine Energy

Masculine energy is solid, consistent, and unwavering. It is the container that takes action to bring a creation into the world. Masculine energy is goal-oriented, logical and linear in its thinking process, and is disciplined in its approach. Some masculine energy traits are ambitious, purposeful, directive, stable, and steady. These traits are often associated with the business world, completing tasks, protecting the family, and moving forward in life.

Feminine energy is fluid, adaptable, receptive, and open. It is the vision and creative juice behind what will emerge into form. Some feminine energy traits are nurturing, intuitive, emotional, and supportive. These traits are often associated with caring for others, artistic creativity, healing, and magnetizing what one wants into his or her life.

Although these descriptions are just a tiny view into the world of what masculine and feminine energy encompass, it is easy to recognize that in order to be in balance, both energies must exist within us. If we are too passive and receptive, we will not have the ability to take action in our lives. And if we are too goal-oriented, we will not have the nurturing and sustenance that makes life worth living.

Energy Balance in Addiction and Recovery

When it comes to addiction and recovery, masculine and feminine energy balance become very important. Let’s take eating disorders for example. A consistent theme for people who struggle with eating disorders, is that their masculine energy is very dominating, while the needs of their feminine energy (to be nurtured, loved, and open to life) are shut down. Examples of this is that they may be very rigid in their thinking, always focused on achieving results, and rarely allowing themselves to deeply receive. They may be caught in a routine of compulsive exercise and ignore their body’s need for rest. Or they may deny the nourishment needed on an emotional level, only to later binge on food to make up for not getting it. It is as if their feminine self is crying out for attention, but their masculine self has become a tyrant that keeps them stuck in a place of doing and producing. This fuels feelings of emptiness and the need to continue to produce and accomplish without ever resting.

To recover, whether from an eating disorder or any compulsive addictive behavior, a person needs to be able to find out where they are not acknowledging their feminine energetic needs so they can find ways to meet these desires in a much more healthy and much more direct way. People also will have to have a structure to follow, a plan, which is the masculine energy coming into play. Again, both are needed. The real work is looking at not only how to set this up for oneself, but also to be very clear on what it looks like.

Applying What We’ve Learned

So let’s break this down. If the feminine energy within us needs to nourish others, it also needs to feel nourished. Where in your life are you not getting the support and love that you crave? What would having that love and support do for you?

Now that you are clear on that, what action steps can you take to start to create that in your life? Examples include setting up an appointment with a therapist, asking someone to be an accountability partner, confiding more deeply and honestly in your friendships that already exist.

And if you are working your program of recovery, where are you not letting your intuition guide you? Where are you pretending that you don’t need as much support as you do? What action can you take to have a stronger and more solid container around you that will bring about more consistency in your efforts? Asking these types of questions, supports you in reflecting and creating ways to strengthen your recovery.

Remembering that we need to honor both types of energy is vitally important here. Our culture unfortunately often associates masculine energy traits as more important and feminine as something that should be dominated.  I believe this is due to a wounded and fearful masculine that needed to puff itself up in order to find a sense of control. Because a new consciousness is being born into the world, and into our culture, we are being asked to call forward the power of the feminine. Neither one is more important than the other and both are sacred not only to the world, but within our own being.  This is not about an uprising of the feminine energy while looking down upon the masculine, but rather a time of seeing the value of both.

Bringing Consciousness Forward

As times continue to change and more consciousness is brought forward, even into the recovery world, the balancing of these energies within all of us will continue to be a topic of discussion. My hope is that you feel this is a good introduction and that you can find some helpful tips for your healing journey here.

If you would like to learn more about masculine and feminine energies, there is so much out there right now on the Internet, on YouTube, and in books. Enjoy it and have fun!




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