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Enhance Your Wellbeing: Write & Reflect

Life can naturally become overwhelming. Each day may feel as though it is passing quickly, and everything ends up blurring together. In order to maximize your sense of clarity and enhance your mental health, create time for pausing. It’s important to incorporate routine breaks for checking in with yourself before you continue going through the motions. One highly effective way to take a pause can be done through written reflections. This can either be done through a physical journal, online format, or really any means that you prefer. Writing, reflecting, and journaling are proven to have many benefits that this article will detail further below.

Cope with anxiety and reduce stress

When you are writing and reflecting, remember that all of your feelings are valid. Your journal will always, unconditionally be there for you to express yourself. Acknowledge even the difficult emotions––such as anxiety, guilt, or sadness––and reflect on healthy ways you can face and move past them.

Help deal with problems, fears, or worries

For many, writing down their problems, fears, or worries can help significantly in making them tangible, visually seeing them on paper, and then being able to prioritize and work through them subsequently. Sometimes we may feel that our worries hold power over us, as they are constantly swirling around in the back of our minds; however, once you put them down onto paper, you are in a way taking away some of that power and transferring it to yourself. Journaling about these empowers you to take control of truly understanding how you are feeling.

Track how you are feeling on a regular basis

Reflecting consistently will allow you to learn how to better address and face your low moments and learn from your good moments. Having clarity on how you feel, what you are experiencing, and what you are thinking over time will make you stronger, as you are understanding more about yourself and how you cope.

Opportunity for positive self-talk and identifying negative thinking

Journaling is a chance to give yourself space for praising yourself for what you are doing well while also making yourself aware of any negative thought patterns you may be having.

Create your own safe space

Your journal is yours to personalize and truly make your own. It can be seen as your own private and protected space to write whatever feels right for you. Even though it may not feel natural at first, try to write for a few minutes every day. Once it becomes a habit, you may find yourself looking forward to your journaling and reflection moments, as they will help you grow and heal through all the lows and highs in life.

A journal can be seen as a safe and empowering starting point for you to open up healthy conversations with yourself, your loved ones, and/or the people you most trust. Throughout the process of writing and reflecting, remember that you are not alone, and if you ever feel you need more support or advice, do not hesitate to seek out professional resources. (