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Renewable Energy: How to Renew Your Emotional and Spiritual Energy

Among our most valuable resources is our energy – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. Each of these is necessary for optimal health and wellness. We know that positive emotions can increase our energy and negative emotions can drain our energy. In Part 1 of this article we looked at physical and mental energy renewals. Below are some ideas for emotional and spiritual energy renewals.

Emotional Renewals

  • Reduce Denial and “Clean House” Emotionally

Everyone has defenses. We learn to cope with our emotional trials and issues by developing coping strategies. Some are positive, such as using relaxation, meditation, exercise, or participating in an enjoyable Denial is often difficult to recognize and change, because it involves a tendency to ignore or pretend that an issue does not actually exist.-Rita Milios recreational activity. Others are negative, such as worrying, denying, or withdrawing. Denial is often difficult to recognize and change, because it involves a tendency to ignore or pretend that an issue does not actually exist. Yet denial costs us emotionally. It takes a lot of energy to “keep the lid on” uncomfortable or unwelcome emotions. But if we actively deal with such issues, we not only enhance our lives emotionally, we also recover vital energy that can be used for other positive purposes in our lives.

Since denial is often maintained by distraction (use of substances, overspending, working excessively, etc.) and self-blame (internalizing an issue and automatically blaming one’s self without validating the need for blame), it is important to look for “the truth that can set you free” from distorted beliefs and see reality for what it actually is, not what you fear or worry that it is.

Old, self-defeating beliefs from the past often direct our behavior, causing unwelcome consequences, whether we overtly recognize it or not. So it behooves each of us to clear up the negative beliefs about ourselves that may be supporting our self-destructive behavior.

  • Write a Letter for Emotional Release

One good way to dispel negative beliefs is to write a letter to yourself, detailing exactly why you feel emotions such as shame, guilt, worry, etc. Try to get all the negative emotions out of your body and mind, and transfer them to the written page. Do not judge what you are writing. When finished, set the pages aside for a day or so. Then, when you are ready, read them aloud. Consciously and logically determine if you should make amends and what these might be, taking into account how any other persons affected may respond. (Do not re-offend by tearing open old wounds. If the others involved would feel more distress than closure, simply ask forgiveness of them mentally, and do not make actual contact.) Then, once you have processed the emotions, re-frame any negative beliefs about yourself and tear up or burn the letter. Affirm that the guilt, shame or worry has been released, and make a conscious intention to act as if this has occurred.

  • Be Aware of Your Feelings Throughout the Day

Periodically, throughout the day, do an “emotional check-in” to see how you are feeling. Every hour or so, simply take a moment to evaluate: are you happy, sad, angry, frustrated, or feeling something else?

Once you determine what you are feeling, if it is not a positive, helpful feeling, decide to change it. Do this by first desiring and intending to change your mood. Then visualize something that will produce the desired mood change in you. For instance, picture yourself doing something that makes you happy and proud of yourself. Then affirm, this is the feeling that I am encouraging in my mind. If you regularly “change the channel” of your mental and emotional state, you will create a habit of this mental and emotional re-adjusting process. Then your positive mood will be more likely to maintain itself without regular monitoring.

If you regularly ‘change the channel’ of your mental and emotional state, you will create a habit of this mental and emotional re-adjusting process.-Rita Milios

Spiritual Renewals

  • Connect with Nature

Many of us find nature to be very renewing to our mind and spirit. Ironically, our busy lives often keep us from utilizing this valuable–and free–resource. But by making a conscious commitment, you can increase your exposure to the natural world and experience the recovery and renewal that being in nature provides. Simply taking a walk outdoors and noticing the environment – trees, water, sun, wind – brings your attention out of your own head, allowing you to relax mentally, and instead, note what you are experiencing from a higher, spiritual level.

If you have access to a lake or ocean view, spending some time just watching waves roll in is very relaxing and renewing for most people. Even if you do not have this option available, you can listen to the sounds of waves via a sound machine or CD. Today, there are even some television programs that offer meditative music and visuals for relaxation and renewal.

  • Read Spiritual Literature

Reading some inspirational or spiritual literature daily is a great form of spiritual practice. With such reading, you can temporarily remove yourself from the day’s pressures, concerns and challenges and allow your mind and body to rejoin with your higher spiritual nature. Even a few minutes of this kind of transcendent experience can dispel negativity from your mind and emotions and allow you to feel rejuvenated and re-energized on all levels.

‘Let me today respond to each person I meet with kind words, appreciation and patience.’-Rita Milios
You might also consider ways to bring this positive feeling into the rest of your day. One such option is to reflect on something that you are grateful for or something that you would like to set as an intention for the day. For example, you might affirm: “Let me today respond to each person I meet with kind words, appreciation and patience.”

  • Attend a Spiritual Group Activity

Being with others when we are involved in a spiritual activity often enhances the experience. For many people, attending church or a support group is uplifting and enjoyable. With like-minded people to share your spiritual experience with, you are also more likely to stay committed to a regular practice and therefore gain more of the positive benefits. It is worth taking the time to visit as many gatherings as necessary in order to find the group that fits you best. Finding a spiritual “home” can be one of the best things you do to renew and re-energize yourself.

Continued: Renewable Energy: How to Renew Your Physical and Mental Energy

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