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Self-Care While Quarantining

Around the country, more and more mandates are being placed for people to “shelter-in-place.” This is an order for people to stay indoors, isolate themselves, and maintain appropriate “social distance” from all other humans. Many other individuals are choosing to quarantine themselves for their own health and to stay protected from catching or spreading the coronavirus. In these times where “isolation” is being promoted everywhere, remember that this does not mean withdrawing entirely from human connection and life.self-care while quarantining can lead to happier mood

While we may have to physically separate from others to stay safe and healthy, we can continue connecting with people virtually and trying to prioritize self-care throughout these stressful times. Know that what you are feeling right now is valid. It is valid to be frustrated, afraid, anxious, stressed, sad, angry, or a messy amalgamation of emotions. Be mindful of what you are feeling, and practice releasing any expectations of “normal” that you may have fixed in your mind, as we are not living in normal times right now. This article will highlight some ideas for practicing self-care while quarantining –– to maintain self-connection and a sense of purpose, even without in-person interaction.


There are a variety of ways to practice gratitude. Take a few minutes every day to reflect on what you are grateful for; practicing this habit can directly enhance your wellbeing.

Check In

As many have already clarified, social distancing in reality means social solidarity while maintaining physical distance. Keeping appropriate physical distance from all people outside of your immediate household is incredibly important for stopping the spread of coronavirus. However, continue checking in with your friends, family, peers, and community. FaceTime, text, Zoom, direct-message, or just simply pick up the phone and call.

Set Boundaries

News these days can be very overwhelming and anxiety-provoking, especially due to the wall-to-wall coverage of the coronavirus situation worldwide. Set boundaries and limits for yourself on how often you will visit news apps, websites, or channels. Try to avoid absorbing other people’s fear and panic. It is healthy to distance yourself from sources of worst-case-scenario news, paranoia, and/or excessive anxiety.

Be Active

Although our regular routines of exercising may be disrupted by the current situation, there are still an abundance of activities that we can immerse ourselves in to get our bodies moving. Go for a walk or a run down your street, run the stairs in your building, explore indoor workout routines, try creating your own yoga pattern… staying physically active will uplift your spirits and overall wellbeing.

Go Outside

Nature, fresh air, and sunshine are absolutely beneficial for our wellbeing. Even just getting out of the house for short periods of time can be very valuable. Go for a walk in the park while maintaining appropriate physical distance from others. Sit outside, read, and absorb the sun for 15 minutes. Any amount of exposure to nature and the outdoors can help.

Reconnect with Yourself

Remember that hobby that you gave up a while ago when there was no time for it anymore? Maybe an instrument you played or another creative outlet? Try revisiting the hobby, if it is one that you can engage in within the boundaries of your home. Or, remember that friend you grew distant with over time? Call them up and ask how they are doing! The more we can support each other during these times, the stronger we become.woman happy and looking up because she's practicing self-care while quarantining


Empower yourself to create something beautiful. Draw, write, paint, sketch, sculpt, repair… use your hands and vision to practice crafting to heal and declutter your mind.

The public health crisis that we are facing has led to significant unknowns, stressors, and an overall sense of widespread worry and concern. Many of our regular routines and habits have been disrupted. Our plans have been forced to change. However, even though everything right now is not “normal,” we can still strive to cultivate self-connection and self-care habits for our wellbeing. As the pandemic persists, self-care and maintaining our own sense of purpose becomes increasingly vital.

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