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Staying Organized in the New Year

The New Year is a natural opportunity to check in with yourself. It is an ideal time to think about ways to stay organized and plan ahead to enhance your own mental health and wellbeing. Of course, this type of check-in is immensely beneficial and encouraged to be done consistently throughout the year. However, the New Year is typically when we all become more aware of our habits and how we want to improve them, especially for those of us who like to create New Year’s resolutions. This article will focus specifically on ways you can support your wellbeing and prepare for the New Year by staying organized and planning for yourself.

Make Lists

Often when we try to keep track in our heads of everything we need to do, this can be overwhelming, and you may even find yourself forgetting certain tasks and insufficiently completing other tasks. By making lists, you have a visual representation of what you need to do, and your mind can be left completely at ease because you do not need to constantly try to remember what you are missing; everything will be clearly and easily laid out for you, and you can always add to lists as you think of new or additional items.

Keep a Planner

For many people, a planner is a helpful tool for keeping track of your calendar, upcoming activities, to-do items, appointments, and other things. A planner may be helpful especially with keeping track of various doctor’s appointments or therapy appointments; you will be able to see exactly when they are while also visually seeing when your other activities and commitments are coming up. Staying organized with your activities and appointments will help everything run very smoothly.

Reflection Journal

A reflection journal has various positive benefits, and one of them is that it’s a great space for releasing your thoughts, emotions, and worries. Keeping these bottled up will prevent you from being able to function throughout the day at your best. Make sure to reflect often, whenever you are comfortable, and do not let your emotions take control over your life. By releasing and reflecting on your emotions, you are taking power away from them and empowering yourself.

Set Check-Points or Mini Goals

When setting goals or check-points for yourself, make sure that the goals you set are doable. This will help you create momentum for yourself to actually be able to achieve your initial milestones and then move toward bigger goals. When you start by only setting a few bigger goals, it may seem daunting and overwhelming when trying to figure out where to start. Therefore, instead, set many smaller goals and check-points along the way to constantly feel good about the progress that you are making towards your ultimate vision.

When heading into the New Year, think about these ways to support your wellbeing and stay organized. Remember that staying “organized” can apply to a wide range of things including your everyday to-do lists, your calendar of activities and appointments, your reflection journal, and your personal goals.

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