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Stop Letting Your Fear Keep You Stuck

For many people, fear is the number one roadblock when it comes to enacting real, sustainable transformation. So many of us are overwhelmed by fear on a daily basis, and the crazy thing is that we may not even realize it. Sometimes, we can shrug off fear as laziness or being uninspired. We tell ourselves we just don’t really want to do that thing or see that change, but it’s actually fear that is holding us back from transformation and happiness.

It’s your fear that is keeping you stuck.

Fear is your mind’s way of protecting you.

It is your mind’s job to protect you at all costs. To your monkey mind, everything that is unknown is potentially dangerous. Your mind is also really good at agonizing over the potential of danger, discomfort, or pain, which is why so many of us live within our personal comfort zones. We find it difficult to try new things.

Change your relationship to fear, and you will change your life.

Start to view fear as your friend, not as your boss. Fear is not always a sign of danger; sometimes it’s just a sign of change, a sign you’re getting outside of your comfort zone and having a new, unfamiliar experience. What if instead of being your danger meter, fear was your internal gauge telling you that you’re onto something good or that a breakthrough is imminent? Although fear can definitely be—and often is—uncomfortable, it can also be beautiful.

As humans, we are designed to grow and experience new things.

You are in this body, in this lifetime to live and experience all sorts of things, people, places, and more. Everything in the universe is constantly expanding, growing, and changing, and if we’re not a part of that perpetual expansion and growth, we begin to feel frustrated and unfulfilled.

Stop and think about it for a minute. Have you ever realized that your routine is the same day after day? You do the same exact things, go to the same places, see the same people? Meanwhile, your life is feeling stale and seriously unfulfilling. It’s because the highest part of you, your soul, longs for new experiences and expansion.

Overcoming fear isn’t easy. We are creatures of habit, and when we break away from that habit—or even think about doing so—it can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. This isn’t about doing something new every single day to “get outside of your comfort zone.” This is about knowing, deep in your bones, that you are 100% capable of overcoming your fear to experience real change and transformation.

You are capable of smashing through your fear and coming out on the other side of it—probably better off than you were before.

I’ve struggled with my own fear over the years; the last year has been particularly difficult. For a long time, my intuition was pushing me to pivot in my business. But I kept resisting because I was terrified to commit to the unknown and potentially fail.

However, the gentle, urgent whisper of my intuition was always there, in the back of my mind. And that—paired with my constant resistance and fear—was making me more and more miserable as time wore on. When I finally acknowledged my fear and moved through it—blowing up half of my business as I did so—I experienced incredible changes, opportunities, and abundance in my life once again.

You will never be completely fearless all of the time. But you can become better at managing your fear. When you feel your fear creeping up on you and keeping you resistant and stuck, remind yourself to stay strong because everything you are experiencing right now will make perfect sense in time.

It’s human nature to identify with our fear. When we feel “bad,” we tend to create stories around these feelings (or fears) to try to validate their existence. We even go a step further and work to gather evidence to justify these false stories. These false beliefs and “proof” can paralyze us with our fear, to the point that we want to completely check out from life (through binge eating, drinking, etc.).

This is why it’s so important to change your relationship to fear. Don’t let it keep you stuck. Instead, make it your friend. Appreciate it, love it, and trust that everything is happening for you in perfect timing.

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” – George Addair


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