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The #1 Thing Keeping Binge Eaters Stuck

Scarcity is rooted in the fiber of our society. We live our lives out in lack and limitation never taking full advantage of the unlimited abundance the universe has to offer. Each of us have the birthright to attract as much abundance into our life as we desire. We all have handshake agreements with the universe that we will live our our best lives, this includes being able to live without lack and limitation.

Yes, You Deserve Abundance!

It’s a common belief that we don’t deserve abundance, or it’s reserved for the lucky. We are conditioned to think we don’t deserve all the money, love and freedom this world has to offer, so we limit ourselves, we make excuses as to why we don’t need it or can’t obtain it. This way of thinking is not congruent with the laws of the universe. We are fundamentally going against the grain when we operate from a place of scarcity.

The programs that are running your behavior were most likely adapted at a very young age, they were told to you and, because you didn’t have the evidence or education to think or believe differently, you’ve taken them on and have been reinforcing them for decades. The most important thing to note here is that you do not own those programs; they are just unconsciously running in the background, interrupting the flow of abundance to you. It’s also important to note you have the power to shift these beliefs into a state of abundance. The majority of people are completely unaware to the fact scarcity programs are manifesting and growing on their emotional field. Awareness brings clarity to these programs, and with enough clarity and focus, we can begin the process of transcending these patterns into higher state of consciousness and of course, abundance.

Our relationship to scarcity is not simply localized to one area; it percolates and transcends into all areas of our lives, therefore if we want to address one area, we must look at the larger picture. ‘How you do anything is how you do everything’  is a common quote which embodies the fact that the programs we have innate within us are practiced out in all areas of our lives. If we have severe money scarcity, this will also be evident in our relationship to food.

Scarcity and Your Relationship With Food

Scarcity, when it comes to our relationship with food, is the driving force to keeping us stuck in a state of binge eating. Scarcity is a powerful force which propels us into a hypnosis of eating down the house. The majority of people who struggle with binge eating don’t understand these behaviors are being driven by a subconscious belief that isn’t even theirs – it’s been adapted.

I had a lady, Claire, join me on one of my retreats in Whistler. Claire suffered with binge eating for the majority of her life. During our first session Claire shared her story – her painful story of having to literally lock herself out of her house to not eat everything in sight. I asked her immediately “Claire, what is your relationship like to money?”

She sighed and shot me an evil glare. “What the hell does this have to do with food?” she said with haste.

“Everything” I repeated.

I could see frustration and unease overwhelm her. She started panting, her chest was inflamed and I saw her reaching for the tissues. Claire was uncomfortable. I could feel her pain as the circle was silent waiting for her to answer, or for me to say something to break this unbearable silence.

“Claire, you are living your entire life from a place of scarcity and fear, it’s not about the food – the issue is much deeper.”

Scarcity was keeping Claire stuck in the diet/binge cycle. It was the one thing that was leading her into chaotic fits of binging several times a week.-Samantha SkellyShe finally made eye contact with me and I noticed the tears running down her face. I could literally see the pain trickle down her skin as every nerve in her body was fully activated. Scarcity was keeping Claire stuck in the diet/binge cycle. It was the one thing that was leading her into chaotic fits of binging several times a week. When we have scarcity around food, we believe that if we don’t eat everything in sight immediately, we simply won’t have access to it in the future. We don’t trust that we will be provided for – we are ‘storing up’ for the future.

When I reflected to Claire that her entire life was run by her scarcity mindset, she was able to make sense of her behavior. For her entire life, she was trying to change her diet to stop her binge eating behaviors. That only perpetuates the issue.

I called Claire a year later to ask her how she was doing. I asked her about the shifts she made from scarcity to abundance. She explained to me how her commitment to abundance has not only ended her binge episodes, but she is now releasing weight from a place of love, rather than being stuck in the diet/binge cycle. Claire said to me at the retreat, with fear on her face and tears running down her face, ‘I just want to eat like a normal person’. At the end of the call I asked her, ‘So tell me Claire, are you finally eating like a normal person?’ Claire laughed hysterically and told me how she never knew this was possible for her, but yes – indeed she was.

Welcoming the Abundance

In order to shift this chaotic energy that has the potential to take over our lives, we must approach it from a deep, core level. It’s not enough to just ‘stop eating so much’ or count calories to ensure we don’t overeat (that only perpetuates the problem). It’s essential we adopt a mindset of abundance if we want to win the fight with food. We need to, at a fundamental level, rewire our commitment to scarcity. A mindset of scarcity has been created for the majority of our lives; it’s simply rooted in who we are when we are born and our society reinforces this belief. It’s completely counter-intuitive to the flow of the universe, but we humans can’t quite grasp the concept of unlimited abundance, so it’s safer to believe in what we know logically.

Affirmations to welcome and anchor in abundance can be…

  • I will always have everything I need and more
  • I attract wealth in unlimited qualities
  • I will always have enough food to fuel my body
  • There are an abundance of partners who would be the perfect soul mate
  • I am always provided for by the universe

When we begin to say these affirmations, they will challenge our current belief system. A small part of us will want to keep us small and will do everything in its power to call ‘bullshit’ on these beliefs – be okay with this! It is completely normal in the rewiring process. We are simply putting a part of our ego to death and that can feel like free falling. Even though we know our scarcity mindset is not serving us at the highest level, it’s all we know. Therefore, it’s in a way, comfortable.

Giving ourselves permission to adapt these new beliefs is not only noble and courageous, but the highest act of self love. When we declare to the universe we are going to start living in alignment with the flow of abundance, rather than going against it, we begin to create channels of miracles to reach us more effectively.



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