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Using the Phases of the Moon in Recovery

We’ve all heard stories about how emergency rooms get busier and crisis line calls go up during a full moon. Most nurses and police officers will attest to the increase in “crazy” and babies being born during a full moon. And, old school farmers plant by the phases of the moon.

So is there any validity to the moon having an affect on nature and the nature of our being? Are our emotional states more volatile according to the phases of the moon? And if yes, how does that tie into recovery?

The Moon and Our Inner Tide

The research is elusive in providing sound, evidence-based results on the effects of the moon cycles. There is plenty of research, but there are conflicting results. Yet, it is a topic which has been debated since the beginning of time and continues to be studied. The key here is not being tied to the research and trusting that the moon is a source to provide us with ancient wisdom if we tap into the resource.

As a society (especially our western culture), we continue to get more and more technologically advanced, but it seems that we are also getting further and further from ancient wisdom and natural forms of knowing. Early sages discovered spirituality through the flow and rhythm of nature. Being tied to technology and science alone creates a very limited, if not arrogant, perspective.

Spiritual teacher and advocate for 12-step recovery, Marianne Williamson, says, “It is a mature outlook to question the nature of our reality.” The phases of the moon are a great way to begin tapping into the rhythm of nature and that rhythm can also help guide a person in recovery.

The moon affects every being on this planet no matter gender, age, race, or socioeconomic level. The moon shines down on each one of us. Indigenous tribes around the globe believe in the correlation between the body’s phases, emotional states and primal energy to the fullness of the moon. The earth consists of approximately 71% water. The human body roughly averages about the same percentage of water as our planet. The moon’s gravitational force pulls on the water of our oceans and creates tides. So it’s not a longshot to think the same gravitational pull can affect our inner tide.

How to Work with the Moon Phases

A great starting place in working with the energy of the moon is at the auspicious time of the New Moon.

The New Moon is the start of a moon cycle. If you go outside, you won’t see the moon illuminated, but if it’s a clear night, you’ll faintly be able to see it’s outline. This is a great time to set intentions for the next 28-day cycle. Create a ritual for yourself. Perhaps you buy a notebook or journal simply for tracking your moon rituals.

On the day or night of the new moon, take some time to sit quietly and contemplate the things you are ready to manifest into your life.-Tamara RothOn the day or night of the new moon, take some time to sit quietly and contemplate the things you are ready to manifest into your life. Lighting a candle and creating a sacred space to sit and use each time adds power to the ritual. After contemplating, then journal about the things you would like to draw into your life.

The energy will begin building for what you are wanting to attract. Imagine the energy of the moon supporting you in your life. Each time you walk outside at night, look up and acknowledge the support you are receiving. This is the power of intention with the support of the cosmos.

The first quarter of the moon is seven days after the new moon and a good time to check in with your moon journal. Noticing what is shifting in your life, as well as in your thoughts and belief systems.

At the Full Moon (14 days after the new moon), take note of what you meditated on at the new moon. The energy has been building and is coming to a peak with the energy of the full moon. Again meditate and sit quietly, honoring what has been building for the previous 14 days. Think of the full moon as shining light on the issue and bringing awareness to your life. Take stock of how things are unfolding. Consider what might be blocking you and journal about these things as well. You may want to add to the ceremony by listing the things that you are ready to release, then burning the list as a symbolic and alchemical way of letting it go. Again, the power of intention is prevalent.

The last quarter, or waning moon, is best for fully banishing those things we have intended to let go of. Take this 7-day period to honor what is transforming and leaving your life and bless it as it goes. Also know that releasing things in your life can create a void, so begin the intention setting process again to fill the void as the next new moon is approaching.

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