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You Have to Believe Choice Can End Suffering

Believe it or not, humans are fundamentally designed to thrive and be happy. Happiness is our natural and innate state. We are still operating with archaic brains which are designed to be on the lookout for danger; this was essential when we lived in tribes, but in the world today, the way the brain functions isn’t set up for us to thrive.

It’s a Brain, Not an iPhone

We have to learn to engineer our brains; they’re not going to automatically upgrade like an iPhone. It takes a high level of awareness and responsibility to be able to rewire our neurotransmitters to work for us and not against us.

We live in a world that is incredibly abundant, yet we all choose to live with a scarcity mindset. It doesn’t make any sense. The truth of the matter is, the world doesn’t want us to believe we have the power to create our own internal happiness. The world wants to keep us stuck in our story so we fall victim to buying products that will be a bandaid on a bullet wound, not actually healing the core issue.

I chose to suffer for years. Back then I thought I was just a victim, but I now see it was simply a choice. It was a choice to wake up each morning and hate my body, it was a choice to be hyper-obsessed with each calorie that passed through my lips, it was a choice to weigh myself 20 times a day and note down subtle differences, it was a choice to not love myself until I was at a certain weight. Happiness is our natural state; suffering is learned behavior. When we realize that within our souls we have all the tools we need in order to change the trajectory of our lives, it’s not only freeing but it also allows us to experience the world in a whole new light.

I realized I was externalizing my happiness – my inner state was only dependant on what was going on in my external world. More specifically, if I was at the ‘right’ weight – if I wasn’t, I chose to suffer until I reached it. And when I did, it wasn’t a pure, light happiness. It was a ‘hold on tight, we are going to lose this’ kind of fake happiness. When I realized that my happiness could be created from within and I didn’t have to externalize, it opened me up to a whole new world. It was like, for the first time in my life, I had access to Narnia.

Stop Playing the “When/Then” Game

I had the power to chose; I had the power to see how I created my own struggle by constantly distancing myself from happiness. I could have won the award for the best player in the ‘when/then’ game – I perfected that to a tee. “When I lose 10 pounds, then I will allow myself to feel good” That game, although I played it like a pro, was never won.
What we create in our minds, we create in our realities. I created an internal world of struggle. Each morning, I would find all the reasons why I didn’t deserve to feel the happiness that day. I would pick holes in my progress as a human and be left feeling defeated, again – I created this reality for myself. And because I had this energy of self-sabotage and hatred, it reflected in my relationship with food.

Today I choose happiness. I wake up and I decide – in advance – I am going to win the day. I choose how I feel; no one can take that away from me, ever. I can’t lose this game. I wake up choosing happiness, day after day after day. My internal state will never again be dependant on the circumstances around me.

Within you, right in this very moment, is everything you need to light up the fire in your soul and start feeling pure, unconditional happiness. What is the feeling you’re searching for? Freedom? Ease? Lightness? Peace? You deserve to experience this essence and live from that place every day. No diet will ever bring this to you; it’s your choice and responsibility to create it from within.

The choice is yours.


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