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Campobello Chemical Dependency

3250 Guerneville Road, Santa Rosa, California, 95403
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About Campobello Chemical Dependency

Campobello Chemical Dependency Treatment Services provides residential and outpatient support to adult men and women struggling with addiction. Residential treatment consists of highly structured daily activities such as individual, family, and group counseling sessions, educational classes, recreational activities, chores, and assigned homework. Medication and detoxification are provided as needed.

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I have a son here at Campobello and have some concerns (cancelled important family Saturday meetings and way to much down time during the week as per my son and other patients that are there tell me). I called Campobello over the weekend and after voicing my concerns to a staff member who answered the phone they agreed with my concerns and said they were aware of this and suggested for me to (their words not mine) "go straight to the top". So, I call the owner on Monday morning to bring up my concerns to him and the response I got from him was unbelievable. He got very defensive and argumentative. I was so shocked this was a response I get coming from an owner of a rehab facility. I really did not feel that he did care about me or my concerns. It felt to me that his concern was he received my money and nothing else mattered. I would do anything for my son and pay any amount which I paid cash using my life savings and retirement of $10,300.00 out of pocket since our insurance did not cover any of it. There are many other options to take my son for treatment other then Campobello. I only wish he would have shown a little more compassion and not have gotten so defensive and rude. I also hope and pray to god my son gets the help & care we were promised. That is all we ask from Campobello. My son will have to do the rest. "Grant Me The Serenity To Accept The Things I Can Not Change, The Courage To Change The Things I Can And The Wisdom To Know The Difference"
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Thanks and God bless you all at camp o 🙏🏼 I went there for 31 days in July 2015 .. The staff was awesome and really cared about my successful recovery and the classes were very informative also the food was very good.. Today I am one year and four days sober 😉thanks again and God bless you all for helping me in my sobriety 🇺🇸
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Good program but needs better aftercare.
It's really all about the money, not the care, especially for upper management. Sacrifice care for money. The staff, even though poorly paid, are loyal to the clients.
Accommodations & Amenities
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The treatment worked and continues to work. Family counseling was only available on one day of the week. My personal experience has been positive with this treatment facility. My family member continues to be drug free and have a successful lifestyle.