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Dawn Farm

6633 Stony Creek Road, Ypsilanti, Michigan, 48197
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  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
I read these reviews and wondered if i had wrong place... This place is number one by far if you want to change your life. End of story
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
Dawn Farm is a fraudulent organization. This company charges an insane amount for their inpatient treatment which on the actual farm consists mostly of farm labor. The downtown location is like an episode of Big Brother where everyone just ran out of drugs but are locked inside. The real problem comes in what they call transitional housing. The company offers housing to recovering addicts for over $500 a month. The addict must attend meetings and maintain employment. Curfews are enforced and drug tests can happen at any time. This sounds great until you get to the details and live it. They expect a newly recovering addicts who is struggling to find employment to adhere to daily meeting and curfew requirements, while telling employers they can\'t work past 4pm. They are expected to attend these meetings and maintain employment to afford the $500 in rent to live in inexcusable conditions. The houses are typically 2-5 rooms with at least 2 people per room. There is barely enough room for a bed, and dresser with no floor space. These addicts who now have struggled so much just to humble themselves to get help are now being forced to live on top of another human, no privacy. No security for whatever belongings they may still have left. Meanwhile the company is out claiming non-profit while paying the President, Jim Balmer nearly $150,000 a year to parade around Ann Arbor AA in sweatpants and raggedy clothes to portray an image of understanding. They run fundraisers and accept donations everywhere. You can ever start one on Facebook for their organization. I understand there is good in everything and they do good in the community. There is a lot of give back and good people within. The people of the organization don\'t represent the evil that is at its core. They should be exposed for what they do instead of praised. They claim to help addicts but what they have really done is privatized the court/probation system by using addicts and claiming to help them. The addicts are not patients, they are not in treatment. They are customers and this company takes advantage of these people in their most vulnerable state.
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
So, this was my first inpatient rehab. I was not ready to stop using at the time, however I was court & family ordered. It took 2-3 weeks for me to get used to all the rules and just come around to completely new lifestyle changes. I wasn’t problematic, but this was all just so new and different than anything. After a few weeks, I started truly trying. I was following rules and trying my best. Well, I was already on the counselors bad side. I didn’t stand a chance. No matter how hard I tried, I just felt like the counselors gave me zero respect. And the counselors caused tons of drama too! If one small thing happened that upset one of them, it became the whole group’s problem, privileges would be taken away (even smoke breaks). It was just A LOT for a newly clean/sober person to deal with. Overall, I would say Dawn Farm has a militant approach to treatment and it’s lots of tough love. They are not even a little bit gentle. One big thing for me, is they only offered group therapy sessions and nothing one-on-one. In the end, I was kicked out of the program 2 months in for “breaking too many rules.” I was not ready to leave treatment. I do not feel like Dawn Farm helped me towards finally getting clean/sober. Thankfully I found a different program that really helped. I would not recommend this program to anyone.
Mike t
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
Staff is very manipulative. Therapist have hidden agenda
    I totally agree with the negative reports I read wish I had read them earlier they do cut ties and they do limit calls they gave my relative a paper saying no money was needed at move into transitional housing and at the last minute told them they needed 485.00 to move in to transitional were is someone coming from rehab right into transitional going to get it. the response was get family to come up with it. And as she looked for a job and had not found one as soon as that money the family paid was gone it was get out and get out today I even called to ask for one or two days to find her a place and they said no she goes today. WOW what compassion they show to a struggling drug addict. Would NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM TO ANYONE. I think this is unaceptable and cruel. I wish there was more compassion shown and more support