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752 17th Avenue, Suite 100, Longmont, Colorado, 80501
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I am a Go Sober graduate with my 4 year anniversary coming up in July! Like most. I had tried and FAILED all the traditional so called treatments; In and Out Patient Rehab Centers, AA, many RXs, ETC.... Thousands of $s and time WASTED! Convinced I was a looser who could not overcome this insanity. At 62 years old, I had been seriously drinking since I was 15. I was soo ready for a permanent fix to this horrrible addiction. Go Sober was the only program that I succeeded in. The GS program saved my life.
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GoSober was the only program that made sense to me. Admitting your problem is a cliche, but it is truly the first step; however, along with that first step - as hard as it is in your state of mind during the struggle - is the process of determining how to dig your way out of the mess you have created in your own life and most importantly within your brain/mind. When evaluating inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab and attempting AA and the cold turkey approach, I found that the options to me were not feasible. Inpatient rehab would most likely result in losing my job. Outpatient rehab, I felt would have been consistent with trying on my own (quitting alcohol, trying to remain busy with tasks and hobbies - but alcohol would have been shouting at me from every direction). AA - everyone loves a good story, and a story of triumph - but stories fade, and your problems are different. Although the stories had an initial impact and provided some motivation, I found myself reaching for the bottle when I returned home. Cold Turkey was next to impossible, I could go a week, maybe two, but always found that voice inside my head telling me that I could "control my problem". Which never worked. When I found GoSober - I also found that I was not alone and that I wasn't an "alcoholic" but that I was suffering from an imbalanced brain chemistry and that my "reward" system had been skewed from years of abuse. I was EXTREMELY skeptical at first - for anyone struggling, it's hard to believe that something can cure you quickly and effectively. Their approach; however, made sense and had tangible evidence to help show me what was wrong. Much like when a doctor shows you a test result, I was able to visually see and understand what had occurred in my body during my drinking days. They provided some medication to assist with the withdrawals and then I was able to enter the infusion portion of the program once my body had detoxed. Although this was hard, having support and knowing there was a light at the end of the tunnel gave me some hope for the first time in years. After a week of infusions, I already was starting to notice major changes in my body, my sleeping patterns, and my desire to drink had nearly disappeared. Now two years out, I have become ambivalent to alcohol all together and can actually be around friends who are drinking without even the slightest interest in partaking. Their approach recieves some negative reviews, as does any business, but I believe it's due to two factors: First - the approach is holistic and although it allows you to quit - what it really does it give you your choice back. Some people, when given that choice, may choose to drink again. You have to be truly ready in your mind to give us alcohol and a lifestyle that you may have grown accustomed to for years or decades. Secondly - the family portion of the program. There is not much support for the family members; however, this is done for a certain purpose. Family members can provide great support through this time, but they can also skew your view as to why you want to quit. You need to quit for yourself first - and everything else from there will follow. My counselor and life coach were both willing to let my wife join in during some of my sessions (at our request), but after an appointment or two, we discovered that this was a personal journey that I had to navigate. As hard as it was for her to not know what went on during the meetings - she also understood that I had to find myself during this journey or it would not be successful. GoSober works, plain and simple. This very well could be the 'cure' for alcohol related disorders.
    I went through the GoSober program in 2016 and haven't had a drink since! I loved, loved my red wine and was so skeptical that I could lose my passion for it, but here I am, over three years later, with no desire for wine or any alcohol. It was the best decision I made in my life. I liked having a support team to help me transition from drinker to non-drinker, the counselor, personal trainer, life coach, nutritionist - all so helpful and supportive. My life didn't suddenly become problem free after stopping - it's life after all, but it is so much nicer facing problems with a clear head, no desire to drink, and best of all, no more hangovers ever! The hardest part was finally making the decision to stop drinking for good. Was I going to become some boring, miserable, no-fun, grouchy woman because I couldn't drink anymore? That answer is a firm NO. I did have to find some new things to bring me joy, but they are more healthy and meaningful and purposeful things, which is far more fulfilling! If you are thinking about stopping drinking, do it for yourself. Call GoSober or find a program like it to help you be successful at quitting. It’s so worth it.
      I went through the program and did well for about 7 months. I was on a mild antidepressant during this time (due to seasonal distress disorder - lived in WA for several years with minimal sun) - advised by GS Dr. to stay on in while going through the program, which I did. Several months later I worked with my family Dr. to gradually get off the antidepressant. Shortly after, the alcohol cravings hit me like a brick. I got in contact with my Go Sober Dr's assistant and discovered that they were no longer employed by GS - AND the Dr. I had was not interested enough to contact me personally. Long story short, all the people I worked with were no longer with the company (all contract workers). I did get in contact with a coordinator, relayed my issue with the change in my antidepressant - no one called to follow up. They didn't appear to be interested in the effects of the medication change - but it was mentioned that it may be recommended that I go through the program again. Kind of showed me where the primary interest was. Rather disappointed.
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      Save your money-ntrained staff "counselors". Keep Looking!!!
      Official Facility Response:

      Thank you for your response. I am not exactly sure what you are referring to regarding our counselors. Our current counselors are masters level psychologists with lengthy experience in the addiction field, along with credentials specific to addiction counseling. We apologize for any experience you may have had that was not what you were looking for. Were you a previous client, or a family member of a previous client? Please contacts us if you would like to speak further. At Go Sober, sustained success with an emphasis on living a healthy life is very important to us. If there is anything at all we can do to assist with your situation we are happy to try and help.