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Luxe Treatment Center

4845 N. Riley St., Las Vegas, Nevada, 89129

Luxe Treatment Center

Luxe Treatment Center is a luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. We apply evidence-based treatment methods. Therapies rely upon behavior modification and motivational interviewing as solid cornerstones for long-lasting recovery. Combined with non-invasive detoxification and psychotherapy, we utilize a wide range of proven tools to facilitate the best outcomes possible.

Our Treatment Programs
- Detox and Stabilization
- Drug Addiction Treatment
- Alcohol Addiction Treatment
- Co-Occurring Disorders
- Humanistic Therapies

You, as a unique individual, have it within yourself to change and to return to a positive, fulfilling life. Our clinical and therapeutic methods provide the necessary tools for you to succeed. Using our proven evidence-based models for behavior modification, complemented by our Full Circle Support system, we can help you to achieve an amazing future that is substance-free, yet filled with many of life’s greatest rewards.

Take a closer look at our proven philosophy and the outstanding treatment programs that we provide, in one of Las Vegas’s most luxurious and peaceful neighborhoods. We look forward to partnering with you through your courageous journey of redemption.

Facility Highlights

  • Basketball Court
  • Jacuzzi
  • Air Conditioned Rooms
  • Airport Transfers


  • Detox and Stabilization

    Our non-invasive detoxification program is designed to wean you from the substances that have been harming you, by the most comfortable, less intrusive means possible. To those pursuing release from their substance use disorder, detox often seems like a daunting process. But it really doesn’t have to be when supervised by caring professionals like those at Luxe Treatment Center. In fact, we believe it won’t be long until you feel increasingly empowered to accomplish things that had been out of reach for you in recent times.
  • Drug Addiction Treatment

    You’ve known it for a while, and now you’re ready to face it. Despite all of your other successes and achievements in life, you can’t escape that gnawing anxiety and sense of hopelessness. You’re hooked on something so powerful and relentless that it’s time to seek help from someone with knowledge, compassion, and a real understanding of your pain. Someone like Luxe Treatment Center, Las Vegas’ premier substance use disorder recovery facility. Our professional team of addiction specialists can help you reclaim your life, in a calm, luxurious setting where serenity prevails.
  • Alcohol Addiction Treatment

    There are many instances of high achievement that you can point to in your life. Sadly, those may have been overshadowed lately by a relentless alcohol use disorder. The inability to overcome that fierce dependency can leave you feeling powerless, confused, and incredibly frustrated. But you should never feel hopeless because professional addiction specialists are here for you, eager to help. That road to recovery is closer than you think, and it begins at Luxe Treatment Center, of Las Vegas.
  • Mental Health/Co-Occurring Disorders

    Many times, a substance use disorder is complicated by the existence of a co-occurring or dual disorder that can act as either a root cause or subsequent result of the substance use disorder. It’s important to treat both simultaneously. Treating only one of the disorders can hamper recovery and even negate progress, leaving you disillusioned and discouraged. At Luxe Recovery Center, we thoroughly assess your condition, in order to understand the extent of the challenges you face. We are fully equipped to treat any and all mental health issues that may be involved in your diagnosis.
  • Humanistic Therapies

    Healthy substance-free living requires ongoing maintenance of the entire being – mind, body, and spirit. Humanistic therapy, as practiced here at Luxe Treatment Center, offers a positive therapeutic approach that focuses on your individual nature. It’s a way of looking at the whole person. This is true not only from the therapist’s viewpoint but also from you, the patient. Through humanistic therapy, you focus on your present feelings, without dwelling on past actions or events. With humanistic therapy, the emphasis is on your positive traits and behaviors. You learn how to attain strong mental growth through your own inherent abilities and personal instincts. This type of therapy is effective not only in treating addiction, but also depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.

Facility Settings

  • Desert
  • Luxury
  • Private/Secluded
  • Residential Neighborhood
  • Mountains

Meet the Staff

  • Dr. Cynthia Cameron
    Dr. Cynthia CameronDoctor
    Dr. Cameron earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Neuroscience from University of California San Diego where she graduated with honors and her PhD in clinical psychology from Walden university where she focused her studies on severe psychopathology, Dr. Cameron believes that only when the mind and body are working together is balance achieved. To that end, Dr. Cameron utilizes an integrative approach that our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and attitudes have either a positive or negative impact on our biological and, subsequently, our psychological functioning. The ‘mind-body problem’ refers to the often conflicted interaction between the two. Dr. Cameron utilizes a variety of therapeutic modalities to assist her clients in achieving emotional stability thru mind/body balance. She emphasizes the strengths of her clients, exemplifying a positive, and affirming perspective. Dr. Cameron welcomes to her practice, client’s struggling with anxiety, depression and marital conflict as well as those who may be looking to improve self –esteem, and/or foster a greater sense of personal empowerment. Dr. Cameron is also able to incorporate progressive relaxation, pet therapy, as well as creative movement when appropriate.

Financial Details

  • For pricing and scholarships please call (866) 977-5418

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Sponsored Facility
Luxe Treatment Center
4845 N. Riley St., Las Vegas, Nevada, 89129