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The Meadows Texas

3800 County Road 444, Princeton, Texas, 75407
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  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
******Note that all of the positive reviews here refer to this center by a different name! I believe it was run differently and would not trust reviews of a facility under different management to determine where to send your loved one now*****This seems to be a beautiful facility, and they do have some very lovely staff members who seem to care about the patients and do a good job. However, the management does not care about the patients and is extremely rigid and unwilling to make any accommodations for their best interest. They do not even claim that making accommodations would be against the treatment of the patient, it would just be inconvenient for them, and they don't want to. They do not bother to train their intake people, so it is not possible to get any accurate information prior to actually bringing your loved one to the facility and admitting them. Then, after all of the paperwork has been signed and your insurance has been accepted-surprise! Oh, that program won't work for your family? Sorry. Nope, we won't make any adjustments. That's just the way we do things. We don't care that it would be harmful to your child. Just don't do that part of the program. Yes, we know that the family portion is important for recovery. We just don't care that our way won't work for your family. Oh, you want to visit your child? Sorry. We haven't allowed that since COVID. No, it's not because we are worried about COVID. Taking a test won't help. We just haven't felt like it was a priority to re-staff a time to offer that luxury for our patients. It's not important to us, so we don't want to bother. We'll be happy to help you transfer to another facility. Find someplace that will actually allow you to tour the facility and give you an actual picture of what the treatment plan will look like and bring your loved one there instead of this place!
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
We basically did not know what to expect as our son entered Serenity View for the 30 day rehab. Our first conversation with him was most uplifting and enlightening on how well he had adapted and accepted the professional help from the counselors and staff there. Their informative emails and availability to communicate what he was learning were a tremendous tool to help better understand what was included in his care. The research materials provided were also a valuable tool for us to learn how this disease affects all of those close to him and how to deal with the situation. Serenity View offers a Family Weekend of 3 full days of sessions pertaining to understanding better what the individuals are dealing with, how to cope and what to expect in recovery. It is a group/one on one with your loved one that you will find very emotional but so rewarding for your family. I encourage anyone who has a loved one in rehab to participate. I commend the staff at Serenity View for the support and foundation that they have provided for my son and our entire family.
Taylor B
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
This place is the worst tondetox off opiates. They don’t have the right meds or will give them if they do. I made the best decision to leave and get my medical team here in Seattle to help me. There is no one on one time with the lone doctor. That place made me want to use more than ever. I was kept in detox and isolation most of my week there. Never going back there. Do your research more thoroughly before ever coming here. If you struggle with alcohol this may be more helpful and you could get the care you need. The groups of recovering addicts are the strongest thing about this place. Expensive one week trip but it was worth possibly having to cover the remaining 20k to leave and get the proper care I needed
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Meals & Nutrition
I called to get help for my husband that was prescribed Benzos and never abused them in his life. He needed to get off but needed medical help. Once he was admitted I was never able to get a nurse to call me back after leaving numerous messages. I had to email the family counselor who would give a message to the Psychiatrist. The Psychiatrist finally called me and asked me why I brought my husband there. I explained that his staff had said they could help. When we went for our first weekend I asked to see a list of my husbands medications and after looking at it was told that they had started a new antidepressant and he had refused to take it. This was very much out of character for him. My husband denied ever refusing anything. He also told me that a nurse told him if he tried to leave the police would be called on him. I also received a call that a twice monthly injection that was ordered for Him was given 5 days late. During the second week at the first unsupervised call my husband asked me to come get him because he was very depressed. I spoke with the Psychiatrist the next morning And i was told that he would be started on a new antidepressant and he would need to stay. I explained I was 20 min away from the facility and I would be picking him up. This was day 9 of his stay. It took over an hour for them to release him because they where brainwashing him into believing that if he left he would die or commit suicide. I am a nurse and the state I found my husband in when I picked him up was horrible. He was anxious and visible distraught. I was given a prescription for a antidepressant to be filled by me because it was never started at the facility. It is very dangerous to go through detox already. For them to stop his antidepressant added fuel to that fire. He had to sign papers to leave AMA and now I am taking care of him. The whole ride to the hotel he was talking about how they told him he may die and that he was probably going to have memory problems. He was also over medicated by the Nurse Practitioner during his detox period and ended up in the ER. This place is horrible and in my professional opinion should be closed. Mental health goes hand in hand with substance abuse and you cannot treat all patients like they are the same. Every patient is unique and the treatment should be tailored to their needs. He received one meeting with his personal counselor in a 9 day period. The rest of the time he was made to go in to group meetings which he did not do well with and that where led by recovering addicts that work there. All I can say is that I am happy I have the knowledge of a nurse to be able to take care of him. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR LOVED ONE HERE!!!
  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
Serenity view changed my life.