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Spirit Mountain Recovery

3181 East 3350 North, Eden, Utah, 84310
Our 8 bed Residential Treatment Program for Adult Men is actually located IN the mountains, not somewhere else looking at mountains. Out in the fresh air and sunshine of the beautiful and serene Ogden Valley of Northern Utah, where are clients get a good nights sleep, eat well and make exercise an integral part of their new everyday life. A remarkable place to recover from Substance Addictions and deal with the Co-Occurring Mental Health issues like Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety and PTSD that often accompany addiction. The Company’s esteemed team of Medical, Clinical, Holistic and Peer Support Specialists work closely together with our clients in order to stabilize, educate and rehabilitate individuals suffering from life threatening substance use afflictions while simultaneously treating their underlying mental health issues that also could be triggering them. Our remarkably compassionate and non-judgmental approach to recovery helps our clients learn to love themselves once again and find joy in their recovery!

Facility Highlights

  • 30 Day to 6 Month Treatment Programs for Men
  • Purposely Smaller 8 Bed Mountain Home
  • Industry Leading 2:1 Client to Professional Staff Ratio
  • Recovered 24/7 Live-in Certified Peer Support Specialists
  • Dietitian Certified Menu
  • Full Gym and Recreation Center
  • Outdoor Activities - Hiking, Winter and Summer Sports
  • Meditation/Yoga/Tai Chi
  • Equine Therapy


  • Highly Effective Evidence-Based Substance Use Disorder Treatment

    Spirit Mountain Recovery integrates the best of clinical expertise, patient values and research evidence into its decision making processes for client care. SMR makes extensive use of Medication-Assisted Therapy (MAT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI) as the basis of its recovery programs.
  • Simultaneous Treatment of Co-Occurring Mental Health Issues

    Spirit Mountain Recovery’s Psychiatrist and Psychologist are not only uniquely qualified to treat drug addiction, but are also able to assess and diagnose most often co-occurring mental health conditions such as Bipolar, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders in addition to adult ADD/ADHD and PTSD.
  • Active Daily Participation by SMR’s Medical Doctor/Psychiatrist, Psychologist & LCSW

    Unlike many other treatment centers, Spirit Mountain’s MD/Psychiatrist, Psychologist and LCSW are highly experienced and personally involved in the daily delivery of treatment services.
  • Extensive Individual and Group Clinical Counseling

    Since severe untreated drug addiction typical ends in jail, prison or death, Spirit Mountain takes recovery very seriously. With at least 6 hours per week of highly credentialed clinical counseling compared to typically 1-2 hours received at others treatment centers, Spirit Mountain has distinguished itself as one of the most comprehensive and effective clinical programs in the country.
  • A Variety of Supplemental Outdoor and Indoor Activities That Makes Recovery Fun

    Like Empathetic Recovered Peer Dialogue, Equine Therapy, Nature Therapy, Winter & Summer Sports, Full Gym, Creative Arts, Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and other Holistic Recovery Regimens. And, if ever appropriate, immersion into 12 Step or SMART Recovery programs. Whatever it takes to achieve and help sustain a client’s sobriety for the long term.
  • Biopsychosocial Education & Training

    Clients are educated on various aspects of how their minds, bodies and spirits have been affected by severe, prolonged drug use and how to adopt new mind sets and life skills needed to maintain a healthy life. Topics like Honesty, Mindfulness, Anxiety Management, Uncomfortable/Not Dangerous, Dealing with Depression, Love as a Healing Force, Resiliency in Recovery, Common Thinking Errors, Maintaining Personal Boundaries, Getting in Shape, Nutrition and Financial Planning.
  • Loving, Compassionate & Non-Judgmental Professional Staff

    Often talked about by drug treatment centers, but seldom really practiced. At Spirit Mountain Recovery our Professional Staff is second to none on how we relate, care and treat our clients. Just ask them or read their reviews. Your family to us.
  • Family Therapy, Relapse Prevention & Aftercare Support

    These phases form the basis of how Spirit Mountain prepares its clients for returning to their loved ones, school and/or work after their treatment program ends. A plan for sustained recovery includes assisting clients in reengaging with loved ones, avoiding relapse triggers and finding sober living solutions that help assure sustained sobriety.

Facility Settings

  • Resort
  • Lakeside
  • Luxury
  • Wilderness
  • Private/Secluded
  • Mountains
  • Executive

Meet the Staff

  • Michael Scott Roundy, MD
    Michael Scott Roundy, MDMedical Director, Medical Doctor & Psychiatrist
    Dr. Roundy graduated from the Uniformed Services University of The Health Sciences, Felix Edward Hebert School of Medicine, in 1992, and then completed his Residency at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego, California. Following his Residency Dr. Roundy served a tour in Kuwait as a Medical Officer in the Navy. Dr. Roundy is certified by the American Boards of Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine. With 27 years of experience, Dr. Roundy assesses, diagnoses and treats not only substance abuse, but also other co-occurring mental health illnesses such as bi-polar, depression, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia. Dr. Roundy treatments rely on a mix of medications and psychotherapy.
  • Todd Soutor, PhD
    Todd Soutor, PhDClinical Director & Psychologist
    Dr. Soutor earned his B.A. Degree in Psychology from Dartmouth College and his Ph.D. in Psychology from Utah State University. While at Spirit Mountain, or in private practice, Dr. Soutor has performed a variety of assignments in psychological testing, assessments, diagnoses as well as individual, group and family therapeutic counseling. Dr. Soutor has also served as the Director of Intensive Services for Davis Behavioral Health Care, Kaysville, Utah, to include oversight of the Residential Crisis Response Unit and Jail Based Mental Health Services. Dr. Soutor is a Mental Health and Substance Abuse Certified Trainer-Examiner and a Member of the Executive Leadership Team for the State of Utah.
  • Chris Farni, BA, MBA, CPA
    Chris Farni, BA, MBA, CPAPresident/General Manager
    I have experienced first-hand the seemingly endless pain and misery untreated substance addiction can bring not only to the loved one afflicted, but everyone around them. As a single Dad I learned the hard way how to deal with the chaotic, illogical, dysfunctional behavior of addiction. Having survived these heartaches, learned from them and wanting to give back to others who are suffering with addiction, my son Matt, recovered now for nearly 6 years, our Clinical Director, Dr. Todd Soutor and I started Spirit Mountain Recovery, acquired an isolated residence in the mountains of Utah, assembled a highly experienced medical and clinical staff, got the treatment program fully licensed by the State of Utah and Accreditied by The Joint Commission (JCAHO). Matt now serves as our Chief Certified Peer Support Specialist. Our passion is to assist others in obtaining the unique keys to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and how to achieve sustained sobriety.
  • Matthew Farni, CPSS
    Matthew Farni, CPSSCertified Peer Support Specialist
    Having experienced a lifetime of lessons learned the hard way from struggling badly with alcohol and drug addiction, Matt let go, committed himself fully to a comprehensive set of recovery regimens that included learning to seek out others for guidance and direction in his life. Through this process, Matt has now been sober for over 5 years now. Working diligently each day to live a life of humility, gratitude, and service, Matt has a deep compassion for others who are struggling with drug addiction and a keen desire to help them find the tools necessary for their sustained recovery. Matt's hasn't met a fellow sufferer he can't relate to and help back onto the road to recovery.

Financial Details

  • Financing Available
  • Sorry we do not accept Medicaid or Medicare
  • Special 2 Week Stabilization and Assessment Program

Rehabs 360 Guide


Located in Eden, Utah, Spirit Mountain Recovery provides a full continuum of treatment programs for adult men struggling with chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health disorders. Services include upscale residential treatment, day treatment, an intensive outpatient program (IOP), and medical detoxification, among others.

According to a 2017 SAMHSA survey, 51 percent of rehabs in Utah offer a treatment program tailored to adult men. The same survey indicates that 51.5 percent offer IOP, 27.2 percent offer residential treatment, and 25.1 percent offer day treatment.


Before beginning treatment, clients undergo an initial substance misuse assessment and psychiatric evaluation to help clinicians determine an appropriate level of care and individualized plan of care. Spirit Mountain Recovery blends evidence-based treatment approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational interviewing (MI), with holistic and experiential methods.

To be admitted to the residential program, clients must complete three to five days of detox and commit to at least 30 days of treatment. Most clients stay in residential care between 45 and 90 days. According to a 2017 SAMHSA survey, 26.4 percent of rehabs in Utah offer a long-term (30 days or more) residential treatment program.

According to the facility's website, its programming focuses on diagnosing an individual's co-occurring mental health concerns. Residents may attend group and individual counseling sessions, as well as receive ongoing medication management. Family counseling is also available and highly recommended.

Spirit Mountain Recovery's day treatment involves a minimum of 20 hours of weekly programming similar to that offered through residential care. IOP involves up to 10 hours of weekly programming, consisting of relapse prevention workshops and counseling sessions. Spirit Mountain Recovery also offers aftercare counseling services to help clients successfully transition back into the community.


With a client to staff ratio of 2:1, Spirit Mountain Recovery employs a highly experienced staff comprised of psychiatrists, licensed social workers, nurses, therapists, dieticians, personal trainers, and peer support specialists. The facility is one of 64 rehabs in Utah (26.8 percent of all rehabs in the state) that is certified by the Joint Commission.


Nestled in northern Utah's Wasatch Mountains, Spirit Mountain Recovery's upscale residential facility can accommodate up to eight clients. Residents enjoy private or semi-private bedrooms, outdoor patios with mountain vistas, fitness facilities, and a private on-site chef. Spirit Mountain Recovery provides transportation and organizes regular outings for its residents. Recreational activities include equine therapy, yoga sessions, guided meditation, therapeutic massages, mountain ranch activities, regular exercise, and other activities.


The ten alumni polled by at the time of this writing praised the facility, all offering perfect five out of five-star ratings for the facility's overall effectiveness. M.F., the lone alum that evaluated more specific metrics of the facility, also offered five-star ratings for the facility's counseling options, its discharge planning, the staff's level of experience and training. "The staff truly cares about the residents and goes the extra mile for each and every one of them," he wrote.

The other alumni agreed with this positive assessment and tended to praise the facility's individualized treatment approach and the facility's staff. "That fact that I was blessed to get complete and personally customized treatment was amazing," P.W.M. wrote.

On the facility's official Facebook page, which staff can manage, five alumni all gave perfect five-star ratings.[1]


The four loved ones polled by to date supported positive alumni reviews, also praising the facility's staff, its personalized programming, as well as the level of family involvement. "The providers and staff at Spirit Mountain gave me my son back," Stephanie wrote. A.K., a spouse of a client, wrote: "They tailored his treatment to our needs and where there for us every step of the way." Two loved ones on Facebook also left five-star reviews.


According to Spirit Mountain Recovery's website, the specific cost of treatment programs can vary widely and are usually dependent on a variety of factors. The facility accepts most private insurance plans, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, and United Health Care.


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Sponsored Facility
Spirit Mountain Recovery
3181 East 3350 North, Eden, Utah, 84310