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Wanna Stay Sober on Vacation? 7 Tips to Help

What do you have planned for your next trip? Days at the beach? Nights on the town?

Going on vacation usually means relaxing and being carefree. For many, this includes the consumption of alcohol or other substances. This can make maintaining sobriety tough. But here’s the good news: you can have fun on vacation and stay sober too. Here’s how:

Tips for a Fun and Sober Vacation

  • Look for Alternative Imbibing

    It might seem like bars and restaurants oozing with alcohol are the only “fun” hang-outs. It might feel like your only options are drinking or holing up in your hotel. Not true. Most vacation spots also offer hip coffee houses, trendy smoothie shops, or healthy juice bars. Some might even offer traditional tea houses. Just about every vacation destination has an ice cream shop where you can get a tasty malt – without the liquor.

  • Pamper Yourself

    Alcohol and drugs are pricey products. Since you won’t be spending money on those any more, treat yourself to something else. You’re on vacation, so splurge a little on something special. Maybe it’s a day at the spa or an outdoor excursion. Maybe you do some shopping and pick up a meaningful souvenir. You deserve it.

  • Think Outside the Tourist Box

    Do a quick search for unusual things to do in your vacation spot. Rather than take in the typical tourist activities (including bar-hopping), discover lesser-known sites. Who knows what you might uncover with your out-of-the-ordinary explorations. You’ll likely learn more about the local culture and find gems the other tourists miss.

  • Renew the Night

    A nightlife doesn’t have to revolve around alcohol. You simply need to get creative. Look for comedy clubs, murder mystery shows, theaters, or other performances to attend. Your vacation spot might also offer nighttime nature activities. Moonlit boat rides, night kayaking, or owl hikes are just a few of the possibilities.

  • Explore the Outdoors

    Scuba diving, rock climbing, hiking, biking, parasailing, and dozens of other outdoor adventures await. These activities inherently exclude alcohol for safety and logistical reasons, so it’s fairly easy to focus on the fun and avoid substances. Don’t forget to check out the local state and national parks.

  • Indulge Your Taste Buds

    Savor your dining experiences. Try local foods. Enjoy an appetizer or dessert (since you won’t be spending the money on an alcoholic beverage). Plan one “fancy” meal where you dress up. You’ll discover you can enjoy restaurants without ordering something from the bar.

  • Choose the Right Traveling Companions

    Of course, it helps to travel with others who don’t drink. If you’re going to travel with companions, find people who enjoy some of these off-the-beaten-path ideas. You can hold each other accountable and discover new, sober ways to enjoy vacation together.

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