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How to Stay Calm Amid Coronavirus Fears

It seems that everywhere we look right now – whether it’s our TV screens, email inboxes, text messages, news notifications, conversations with friends, and beyond – coronavirus is the headline. These are not normal times that we are living in. It is completely reasonable and valid to be feeling anxious about the pandemic our world is facing and about all of the uncertainty surrounding us. This article will offer some tips and advice on how to stay calm amid coronavirus fears.

Do Not Obsess Over the News

While it is important to stay informed and keep up with essential updates, avoid checking the news every second. There is an abundance of unfiltered misinformation and unnecessary panic spreading, so make sure you are also sticking to trustworthy sources. Do not hesitate to take a break from the media and news outlets if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Focus on What you can Control

With so many unknowns and the constant changing of circumstances, it is vital to shift your focus to what is actually in your own control. While it may be difficult to accept reality right now, getting caught up in fear or hypotheticals of what “might” happen is unproductive and anxiety-provoking. Instead, focus on what you can do:

  • Wash your hands often (for at least 20 seconds with soap and water).
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Stay home, and avoid all non-essential outings.
  • Keep 6 feet of physical distance from yourself and others when out.
  • Do not hoard food or materials, as this takes away from what others may need.
  • Get a healthy amount of sleep consistently.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness may be a helpful outlet for you to turn to, especially to stop the “what-ifs” from spiraling out of control. Mindful breathing can help you find inner calm, as you bring your full attention to your breath, your body, and the present moment.

Physically Isolate, but Still Stay Connected

Prioritize staying in touch with your loved ones. Video-chat if you are able to, as a temporary substitute for face-to-face contact. Try engaging in conversations that do not revolve around coronavirus. Be mindful of who you turn to for support, as emotions are contagious. Explore resources for managing mental health during COVID-19:

Know that you are not alone

Despite the physical isolation orders, you are not alone in what you may be feeling and experiencing right now. We are all experiencing the impacts of coronavirus––in a variety of ways––but it is reaching nearly everyone. We must aim to follow health guidelines, practice self-care, stay positive, stay connected virtually, and maintain hope.

Realize that “this too shall pass”

Although it may not seem like it at times, there will be a light at the end of this tunnel, and this too shall pass. We will emerge out of this pandemic: stronger and more resilient.

Finding calm may be difficult with everything that is going on around us. However, consider the tips from this article in your own pursuit of peace, serenity, and healing.